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Zine Expo in Seattle Tonight

Art Books Press Exhibition

Zines : A Bite Size Sampling From Around the U.S.
Opening Reception : Saturday November 13, 2004, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs through December 31, 2004

Beginning with science fiction fanzines from the 1930's, this show provides a look into the world of zines and the people who make them. Highlighted in the show are rare works by Hugo Gernback (Amazing Stories), Henry Rollins from Black Flag, and the Seattle based artists' publication from the mid 1980's, "Pounding Waves" which includes contributions from Faye Jones, Alfred Harris, and Gene Gentry McMahon among others.

Also included in the show are a wide range of contemporary art zines, political publications, punk fanzines, comix, literary magazines, DIY zines and more. Some of the work includes zines by Lev (Tales of Mere Existence), artnoose (Ker-Bloom!), Shawn Bishop (Travelin' Man), Jeffrey Brown (Be a Man), and Rachel Mason (eaten-alive). Books on how to make your own zine, the psychology of zines, zine reviews and resources and a variety of zines from all over the U.S. are included in the exhibition and are for sale.

Art Books Press
4703 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, Wa. 98107
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