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nice_kids's Journal

nice kids
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Anybody , Moderated
a community for nice kids (and also not-nice kids)

essentially, here is what this community is for:
==talking about smart kid music
==being nice to each-other
==floating around in love
==sharing art/music/writing/etc
==being happy

the rules:
=don't be a dickhead
=be nice
=don't abuse each-other

community maintained by justlikehoney
all-girl summer fun band, art, atom and his package, beat happening, bedroom dancing, beezus, being good, being nice, being smart, ben lee, beulah, bikini kill, bis, bratmobile, bright eyes, bright lights, bunnygrunt, busytoby, candy, casiotoneforthepainfullyalone, cat power, chapterhouse, cherries, cibo matto, clouds, coffee, comet gain, crushes, cub, cuddlecore, daisy chainsaw, daydreaming, deep and meaningfuls, dennis driscoll, diy, dressy bessy, dusty shelves, dweeb, equality, fruit, fugazi, fun, gene defcon, go betsy, happiness, happy music, heart flutters, heartcore, heavenly, holding hands, holly icon, honey is cool, hope, huggy bear, hyperactivity, hypercore, intelligence, james duval, jesus and mary chain, kate bush, kevin blechdom, kid606, kim gordon, kissing, kleenexgirlwonder, le tigre, love, lovecore, low, luscious jackson, lush, luxo champ, marine research, max tundra, melt banana, mirah, mocket, music, musk sticks, my friend goo, neutral milk hotel, nice, nice kids, nice punk, nicecore, ninetynine, noise, of montreal, oh! belgium, old books, pavement, pixies, pizzicato five, poetry, punk rock, rainshine, ride, riot grrrl, sarah sarah, school discos, secondhand records, sex, shoegaze, slowdive, smart kids, sonic youth, spare snare, spin the bottle, stephen malkmus, stereolab, sugar-coated cola bottles, sunshine, talkshow boy, talulah gosh, teenage love, texas is the reason, the apples in stereo, the blow, the breeders, the delgados, the field mice, the microphones, the moldy peaches, the muffs, the residents, the rondelles, the smiths, the white stripes, thrift stores, thurston moore, tiger trap, tullycraft, turnstyle, tuscadero, velocity girl, warm weather, ween, whale, windy & carl, wolfie, yeah yeah yeahs, yoko ono, youthcore